Clinical Trial Accessibility

Redefining Clinical Trial Accessibility in the Age of DCTs

You want to increase clinical research participation, but access issues keep getting in the way. How can people take part in clinical trials if they don’t know about them, can’t physically reach them, or don’t have the resources to participate remotely?  

Uncover solutions to the research accessibility problem in the Clincial Trials For All discussion, “Redefining Clinical Trial Accessibility in the Age of DCTs.” Featuring Lightship patient advocacy and patient experience experts Samantha Eells, Sabina Kineen, Mel Mann, and Allison Rosen and hosted by Alec McChesney, director of business development at SCORR Marketing, this discussion is a must-watch for anyone interested in making research more equitable, diverse, and widespread.  

Watch the recording now to explore:  

  • Key challenges in clinical trial access and why they still exist amidst the rise of DCTs and other contemporary approaches  
  • How choice, access, and education impact health equity 
  • Lightship’s initiatives to enhance patient access to clinical trials and the outcomes of their endeavors  
  • Developments in patient access to clinical trials and DCT strategies  
  • How you can promote inclusive, diverse, and extensive research participation  

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