New Educational Initiative, Clinical Trials For All, to Drive More Understanding, Participation, and Diversity

KEARNEY, Neb.; Aug. 22, 2023 (Business Wire) – Only 59% of Americans know about clinical research. 91% of Americans have never been invited to participate, and Black/African and Hispanic/Latino Americans are less than 12% of participants. It’s because of reasons like these that a new noncommercial, educational campaign, Clinical Trials For All, is being launched — to change these alarming realities that are negatively impacting the health and welfare of people around the world. Lifesaving cures and life-improving treatments can become realities if everyday people, like you, help spread the word about clinical trials to friends, family, and future patients.

“Clinical research isn’t what many people think it is,” said Cinda Orr, Founder of SCORR Marketing, a global, full-service marketing and communications firm serving the health science industry that is leading this initiative along with the support of dozens of patients, caregivers, patient advocates, health science organizations, and advocacy groups. “Patient participation has continued to plague the clinical research industry for too long and research shows that a big reason for this is misunderstanding and awareness. Clinical Trials For All was designed to provide a full range of educational materials from everyone involved to help more understand the clinical trial process and how participation might be the right option for you or for a loved one.” 

Join the Cause — You Have the Power to Change Lives

The Clinical Trials For All website consolidates a library of information about clinical trials into one resource and there are ways everyone can join the cause to help increase trial participation and enable greater inclusion in research.

At, you can educate yourself about clinical trials and hear from real patients about their experiences. Did you know you can participate in many trials from your own doctor’s office or in the comfort of your home? Learn how you might be able to participate in a trial to help bring new treatments to people who need them — it’s an easily achievable but deeply meaningful way to give back to both your community and society at large, and this starts with more understanding. 

Another essential way to join in the cause is helping spread the word about clinical trials to friends, family, and future patients. Help amplify the message for Clinical Trials For All to reach patients and caregivers around the world with ready-to-share downloadable social media graphics, videos, and more. With more awareness and participation, you could help create better ways to catch heart attacks, medicine to relieve dementia symptoms, or even a cure for cancer. You can also join the conversation about #ClinicalTrialsForAll, and become part of a movement that promotes the advancement of tomorrow’s medicines on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and X

Finally, if you’re a patient, caregiver, patient advocate, health science organization, or advocacy group, you can join Clinical Trials For All as a partner. Current Platinum Partners include Virtue Research and MedVector, as well as a growing list of Contributing and Participating Partners. 

About Clinical Trials For All

Founded in 2023, Clinical Trials For All is a noncommercial campaign to educate, engage, and empower the industry to raise awareness of clinical research as care and increase trial participation. Led by SCORR Marketing, the leading full-service marketing agency that has been involved in drug development for 20 years, alongside partners that include health science and patient advocacy companies and individuals, we all wanted to give back to an industry that’s given so much to the future of medicine. Everyone has a role to help make a positive change for greater, diverse participation in clinical trials. Learn how you can help make a difference at