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Give the Gift of Health Through Clinical Trial Participation 

How do you give back? Whether you volunteer your time, donate to causes you believe in, or help your community in other ways, doing your part feels good. As you think of ways to make a difference, clinical research may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, you may be shocked to learn just how much of an impact participating in a trial has.  

Clinical Research Changes Lives 

Clinical research is the process of making sure new medical discoveries are safe and effective. Participants — everyday people who either have a medical condition or who participate as healthy volunteers — make this process possible. 

When you participate in clinical research, you can be a part of:  

  • Pioneering new treatments: Trials can test new treatments for conditions, providing hope to manage and cure various diseases. Without clinical research, these options would never be able to reach people. 
  • Improving existing treatments: Some trials test improvements for existing treatments, such as reducing side effects or increasing efficiency.  
  • Ensuring better diversity: Many communities have been underrepresented in research in the past. As more individuals from minority groups are included, it improves the quality of this research and helps ensure treatments are safe and effective for everyone, not just groups that have been represented more historically.  

These positive effects ripple throughout communities. As a clinical trial participant, you can give the gift of health to a wide range of people. A new treatment that you contribute to through clinical research could save or improve the life of a friend or family member; it could also help a stranger across the country or make life better for future generations.  

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Paying It Forward 

Even as clinical trials continue to improve medicine, the sad truth is that many people still can’t get the care that a lot of us may take for granted. Imagine if you could be a part of developing new treatments while also improving vaccine access for children in need. By participating in a clinical trial that partners with Greater Gift, you can do just that.  

Greater Gift is a non-profit that spreads awareness of the benefits of clinical research and expresses gratitude for everyone involved in the process. They pay the gift of health forward by giving vaccines to children in developing countries through Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance. Greater Gift also partners with Feeding America to provide meals for children facing hunger. Through the clinical operations giving program, researchers can choose to donate on behalf of participants or other contributors.  

Make an Impact on Global Health 

If you are a research sponsor, partnering with Greater Gift can extend the impact of your trial. Showing gratitude makes a big difference for clinical trial participants. After all, these volunteers make research possible, and a simple thank you goes a long way in showing them you appreciate their contribution. When you pair this gratitude with a donation that pays their impact forward, it has an even greater effect.  

If you are a potential clinical trial participant, you can help Greater Gift by increasing awareness of their mission. You can also donate to boost Greater Gift’s reach in bringing clinical research to more underrepresented communities. This work is only possible with the help of donors and sponsors.  

A great place to start getting familiar with research is through our resource library. We’ve collected information from a variety of sources from trial participants to national health organizations and put it in one convenient place. Once you’ve learned more about how clinical research works, spread the word with our shareable assets. These graphics make it easy to amplify awareness among your friends, family, and professional network. It only takes a few minutes, but the effect can be significant.  

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